1. The Home Screen is a list of the available categories. Scroll to see more. Tap to open up the category.

2. The LIST view pops up and gives you three choices: recommended, alphabetically or by distance from where you currently are:

Margaret River Find the Fun example of a list view

3. When in a list view, tap on a row to bring up more information:

List view showing listings within a category

4. Detailed information opens up, as well as buttons for map, website, and phone.

Mountain Biking Trail description in Margaret River Find the Fun

5. Tapping on the map button shows you the trail network.

1 = GPS toggle on/off button,

2 = Start and stop points (parking),

3 = Information point–tap it to show more,

4 = The trail network (blue line).Mountain bike trail map of Dunsborough Country Club

6. When you tap the GPS button (1), your location will be shown as the blue dot (2). When the GPS is activated, a lock appears in the top right corner (3). Tap it to keep your position in the middle of the screen, or leave it unlocked to be able to scroll around on the map:

Mountain bike trail map with the GPS turned on

Use the back button to return to previously viewed screens.

7. You can toggle back and forth between Map view and List view (1). The list view automatically shows you distances to sights (2), while the map view shows you where you are on the map (2) when you toggle the GPS on (3).

Note that on the maps you must toggle the GPS on to show your location. This is a feature that maximises the battery life on your device.

List view showing distancesMap view showing distances

8. Bookmarks can be added by tapping on the star on the top blue bar. To manage bookmarks, tap on the vertical row of 3 dots to the right.

Bookmarking feature in Margaret River Find the Fun

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