Please browse our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. If you cannot find your answer on this page or on our various help pages, then contact us with your question.

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Internet-related questions:

You will need internet when you want to connect to a website link from this app or if you would like to email someone.

No, these two menu items will connect you to our website, so in this case, an internet connection is needed.

Check that you have internet connectivity. For example, if you are in a black spot, you will not have network coverage, so you will not be able to access the internet.

GPS-related questions:

Make sure your phone’s GPS is activated via your phone’s menu settings. Unfortunately, some mobile phones and tablets do not have a functioning GPS, so our app may not work for you. Also, you must be in the Margaret River Region for the GPS location to be displayed on the map.

Your device hasn’t accurately determined where you are. The size of the outer blue circle is proportional to how inaccurate your GPS location is.  The bigger it is the less accurate. Once the device closely detects where you are, the outer blue circle will get smaller.

GPS does not generally function indoors, or anywhere where the device cannot see the sky. Because GPS is based on finding satellites, you must be outside with a clear line to the sky for it to work properly. In general however, we find that once the GPS has determined your location, it will work in a moving vehicle.

The phone will use power more quickly when the GPS is on. To conserve power, the App disables GPS when you exit the App, when the map screen is not visible, and if the map screen has been swiped away from your current location for more than 100 seconds (as when using the unlocked mode – see below). In some situations, the app will automatically disable GPS to save power. To activate it again, tap the GPS toggle button (i.e. the button above the map that looks like a circle with a slash through it) when on any map.

When you initially enable GPS (by pressing the button above the map that looks like a circle with a slash through it) the App will determine your location. Once it’s found you’ll see your location on the map and see an open lock symbol on the screen. This means you are in “unlocked mode”. If you press this symbol it will change to a closed lock, meaning you are in “locked” mode. When in locked mode if you swipe the map so that your location is not visible the App will automatically re-position the map so your location is in the center of the map. In this lock mode the App behaves like a standard GPS device, like for example a Garmin or Tom Tom GPS you’d buy for your car. As you move the map will remain centered to your location. In the “unlocked” mode the map will not automatically re-position as you move around or if you swipe the map so that your current location is not on the map.

Navigation- and search-related questions:

No, these maps are offline (that is, not connected to the internet), and navigation is not available at this stage.

Yes, using the search function at the top of the map pages, the listing pages and the Home Screen will allow you to search for specific items within the app. Voice activated searches are supported when connected to the internet.

The search function is based on the database in the app. This database does not include street names and addresses. However, you can search for a business using its name, or an activity such as surfing, or swimming, or by a search term such as toilet, BBQ or showers.

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